Job Fired Me Without Telling Me… Legality?

I was hired as a seasonal employee at Sephora, and at the end they decide whether to keep you or not. They decided not to keep me but I was never notified of that… I waited FOUR WEEKS, going in every week to check the schedule, and nobody told me until I had gone in to buy something with my discount and they said “where are you working now?” to which I said “I was waiting for my schedule” and they said “oh, they may not have kept you.” They checked the system – I wasn’t in it any longer – to which I was now stuck paying full price. And they go, “I guess they didn’t keep you. Nobody told you?” … NO. I am furious. I could’ve been looking for another job and making money for A MONTH. There were also things I never had a chance to use my discount on. This can’t be legal, but I don’t know the rules on this. Can somebody help me out?

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  1. S022 says:

    Yeah you might want to double check with a lawyer. Some of them will even offer free first consoltations. I work at a civil and criminal law firm, but Im not familiar with this area.

  2. delive_r says:

    As you said they will decide whether to keep you or not, and at the end they did not keep you. Legality? They can fired you outright because you are not a regular employee of the company yet. As the words “seasonal” is attach in it your season is over. They do not need to notify you because you are as what you are hired for “seasonal” employee, once that season is over then you are not anymore working for them. Isn’t this explain clearly to you when you are hired in that company? Or perhaps didn’t ask about it.
    Next time you applied for a job ask question and the duration of work if any so that you are not surprised every now and then about your job. It seem you are shock to find you are not anymore included in the list.

  3. Marcus says:

    In your infinite wisdom WHAT do you think is illegal about it? You are the one who sat around without finding out WHY you were not on the schedule for a month. Your first line says it all you were seasonal hire and they decided they did not want to keep you so now who are your furious at? Yep, look in the mirror.
    Stop asking the same question because 1 million times and the answer is the same nothing you can do so go out and look for a job and stop stewing over something you COPULD have known about the first couple of weeks.

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