Job Interview In Phones4u On Monday, Any Tips? :)?

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has had an interview with phones for you, and had any tips for me. I’m not a very nervous person, and am quite confident (luckily) but I have not been in a ‘sales’ job before so just wanted to know what kind of things they might ask me?
And also, how isit like to work there? Wage?
Thanks! 🙂 xx

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2 Responses to “Job Interview In Phones4u On Monday, Any Tips? :)?”

  1. Ur mum789 says:

    Jump off a bridge

  2. anonymou says:

    These are what people have saiud on various websites I didn’t write them!!!!
    “Just be confident and know how to blow your own trumpet – in a sales environment you really need to love yourself and believe in yourself.”
    Here are the QU u wanted!!!!
    “They ask me in my interview
    1. what experience you have?
    2. What can you bring to phones4u?
    3. How will you be able to make a sale in a competition environment?
    Those were the main ones, i think”
    Here is some which is worth thinking about but u probably don’t want to hear!
    “Mobile phone shops are the best places to work, well i thought it was.v Phones for you are very pushy at sales though compared to any other phone companies, prepare to stick your concious in a bag and rob some poor 80 year old woman of £40 a month for 18 months. That the reason i wouldn’t want to work for them, i couldn’t do it.”
    ” I work in Curry’s but I am not too pushy. I am helpful but I am not going to rob people. I hate the lack of training though as it makes it easy to make mistakes. I am not sure if I will be doing it much longer. There is no way I could ever work for Phones 4 U, I got my contract phone there and they used every trick in the book until I was completely warn out.”
    I am sorry about the bad ones but obviously every1 needs to b able to know what is good and bad about something before they can make a decision! I didn’t write any of the quotes!!!! Hope I was a help 🙂 x

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