JobCentre New Deal (UK)?

I have been on JSA for 3 months to no avail, is it possible to ask the JobCentre to be placed on New Deal before the usual 6 month time limit?

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4 Responses to “JobCentre New Deal (UK)?”

  1. The electorate says:

    And get stuck in McDonalds being treated like crap, i would leave off until i was forced into it. Take the dole for every course you can get your hands on, forklift truck license, cscs card, IT courses. Or if you can get a new deal placement try for a warehouse that will put you through the forklift course, get that then leave if you get a full time job in warehousing. But heres the problem with new deal, get stuck in a crappy job for benefits plus 30 quid? get treated like crap and to top it all if you refuse to do what they want they can kick you out then the dole can say you got yourself sacked=no dole

  2. rebel says:

    yes,but dont do it.

  3. New Labour Voter says:

    It’s good old bollocks, they can’t offer me a course as all my skills are beyond their remit.

    All they say is I can’t claim things as I have paid tax & worked all my life.

    The system stinks, I will try and avoid paying tax all in my life now.

    I get sweet FA as I worked & hopefully by the end of the month will be working again.

    UK benefits benefit scroungers & dodgers, the irresponsible etc.

    The system is abhorrent to hard working people.

    I used to think fine but my experience of being penalised for having worked hard means, I am treated like a 2nd class citizen. Screw it all, I’ll just look after myself.

  4. someone says:

    Why on earth would you do that?
    The courses are utterly grim and most of the people on them are junkies and criminals.

    New Labour Monkey: get a job ffs and stop whinging.

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