Jobs Abroad… How Can I Get A Good Sales Job In Overseas Locations?

Sales job opportunities in US.UK,Canada and Australia

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One Response to “Jobs Abroad… How Can I Get A Good Sales Job In Overseas Locations?”

  1. vayden12 says:

    You have a couple of things to determine and then you can decide how to get a sales job overseas.
    1) Understand your skills and what unique insights you can bring to an international market.
    2) Find a company needing someone with those skills. If a camera making company in the U.K. is looking to bring a line of products to your home-country, interview and provide just enough insight into the local economy to where they understand you are adept. Don’t share too much or they don’t need you because you told them everything.
    3) Make contacts with anyone you may meet from abroad and talk a little business, but build an actual relationship. Relationships are as much business as sales is business.

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