Jobs For A 13 Year Old?

My daughter is 13 and very mature for her age and she wants a way of earning money on her own but all the big shops and discount stores wont have her due to her severe stammer.
I think her getting a job is a great idea and she has a love for pets so she went into a pet store asked for a job cleaning out the rodents and reptiles but they turned her down since they wasn’t looking for any new recruits. Do you know anywhere in Kent where will take a 13 year old girl.
Here is what she wants to do in her “job”:
1) Work with animals
2) Maybe a book store
3) Pays well (For a part timer)
4) Won’t have to talk to strangers (only the staff she knows)
No hate please thank you.

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3 Responses to “Jobs For A 13 Year Old?”

  1. Ginger says:

    newspaper round???

  2. corncrak says:

    You need to be 16 for everything but try paper rounds/baby sitting as those are the only jobs for that age range,

  3. Aurora says:

    She’s going to have to wait until she’s 14 -16 for an actual real job that you drive to. But until then you could have her walk dogs around the neighborhood or if one of the neighbors have to go on a trip she could every once and a while visit the house with you or a sibling to let out the pets to go to the restroom, feed them, and give them some love and attention. You guys could decide on how much you charge per hour.
    If she’s really artsy, she could make homemade, well-quality knick knacks and sell them on Etsy. Hope this helped!

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