JSA after 6 months – New Deal ?

I have been informed that after 6 months if I can still not find work, I will still recieve JSA for another 12 months and that I will go onto a new deal programme. When I got made redundant, I got some redundancy money.

If i still have some of this money by the end of my inital 6 months on JSA, do i risk not being entitled to any benefit?

ps. I have a mortgage

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  1. Red,Green and Blue says:

    Cazza it might help if you accepted email !!!

    But i wil try and help you, you are allowed 6k in savings in total i know this because of the times i have told them and the local council needed this info for something my mother was claiming . I certainly hope you were telling the truth and told them everything , ie savings/ redundancy money owing to you / same thing, if someone found out you have say 20k in 2 savings accounts and told the jobcentre someone would be on touch very quickly and its possible all previous payments would have to be repaid . Who pays the mortgage ?
    New Deal, at 6 months its far too early for you to be referred to this programme, i would say another year, and you will have to go wherever they send you and be there at whatever time and your payments may go up depending on what part of new deal you are on , you will also get an advisor to see every 2 weeks plus other help at wherever you are sent .

  2. PAUL D says:

    Redundancy pay as far as I know is just considered as capital. If it is over £6000 (when added to any other capital) you may get less and at £16000 you probably wouldnt get any.

    See here for more detail


    This benefit calculator might be helpful


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