Just Bought A Car Without Rwc And Found Out Its F****d. Came With Reg Is There Something I Can Do?

Just bought a 99 toyota hilux SR5 for $10,500 it came with plates and reg but no roadworthy. I took it to the mechanic and ge said it would 5 grand to get even to a point were its safe to drive. Then possibly another 4 grand to get it roadworthy. There us no way i can afford this and was wondering if there was a way of getting my money back? It was a private sale in victoria australia and understand it was my responsibilty to check all things befor buying but the car is literally f****d and cant afford much on a single wage with a one year old. Any info good or bad would help. Thanks

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One Response to “Just Bought A Car Without Rwc And Found Out Its F****d. Came With Reg Is There Something I Can Do?”

  1. Obi Wan Knievel says:

    If the seller won’t refund your money, you have to take them to court.
    OK, so I’m guessing you bought this vehicle with no written conditions attached to the purchase & sale agreement. You still accepted the contract in good faith, and the seller is not without their own legal responsibilities.
    In most civil courts, the question “what would a reasonable, honest and prudent person be expected to do” in any situation is addressed. In your case, an honest seller would never charge that much for a 13 year old vehicle unless it was agreed to be in relatively sound mechanical condition. In order to successfully defend their position, the seller would have to show that they made it perfectly clear to you that no warranties of any kind were offered or implied, and that you and you alone assumed all responsibility and risk when paying such an exhorbitant price for the vehicle.
    But for the love of allah, don’t do this on your own. Talk to a lawyer first, because you’ll need one. Lawyers know the laws of the land, including all technical details and loop holes, and that’s who you need before you make the decision to let the law handle your problem.

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