Just Got Puppy Not Fully Weaned!?

oI was recommended to some cheap puppies through my mom, her freind is the breeder and offered a discount. First she wanted me to pick the puppy up at 6 weeks which I said no to because it was too young. The ride there is also a good 7 hours here and back. It’s a cocker spanial cockapoo mix, so its mostly cocker spanial.
When I finally got there, I found out the puppies were not fully weaned! I was forced to take him at just under 4 and a half pounds!
I was told to feed him 2w percent milk as well.
I know my stuff on dogs and dogs are lactose intollerent, I went to the store shortly after to buy dryed goats milk which I heard was a good puppy milk replacer. She also supplied me with some crappy ol Roy dog food. Over all she was a nice person but does not know her STUFF!
I was wondering if my puppy will grow up normal he’s not skinny and looks healthy hos poo is a little runny though but not anymore because of goat milk.

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3 Responses to “Just Got Puppy Not Fully Weaned!?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Esbilac and and raw hamburger or beef heart.

  2. Barb says:

    If the puppy is over 6 weeks old it does not need milk , especially cows milk,
    Just a good puppy food will do, puppy food has the extra calcium they need.
    Puppies will nurse as long as they can get to mom,
    How did she force you (a gun???)
    I have raised puppies for over 13 yrs it will be fine on a good quality puppy dry food.
    If she told you to feed the puppy cows milk of any kind she definitely does not know how to take care of a puppy. The puppy should be fine.

  3. FidosCit says:

    My guess is she doesn’t know how to ween the puppies. You should be able to ween very quickly based on the dogs age.

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