Just Got Scammed Via Wire. My Options? Sue?

Its a bit embarrassing but I just got scammed via wire transfer. I was purchasing some airline vouchers and I wired the money because the guy said he didn’t have paypal. I sent him the wire using same day transfer (bank of america). I paid the 25 dollar fee and made the cut off time of 5pm (he’s also in the same time zone). He said he didn’t receive it so we waited till friday. We give it the whole day and he lets me know he still didn’t receive. By then it officially posted on my statement as in it wasn’t “processing” anymore. Monday night comes along, nothing still. I call up my wire department and they informed me that they don’t have the money, that chase has it. By then, this guy starts ignoring me. I call him 10-15 a day. Doesn’t reply. On tuesday hes finally like “hey sorry for the delay. I just want to be done with this. Im going to send the codes by the days end. Sorry for the days delay.” Im thinking great, this sticky mess is finally done. Tuesday night, no reply. Call him 8 times, nothing. Texted him, nothing. Next morning after I call him 5 times, he sends me a short email saying “hey its only 200 dollars. Chill. Im working. I will contact you when I have a resolution. No need for us to talk until then..”
So im thinking to myself WTF. WTF is a resolution needed when you just promised you would send the codes the previous night.
My question now is what are my options. I have his fax number, his phone number, his routing number, the last four digits of his account number and also the address that is associated to his credit card. I have his work URL (doesn’t say anything about a work number or even an address though) and his linked in. I really want to get my money back and make this guy suffer for all the lies he’s been saying.
Any help guys?
Oh and this guy is not some international scammer. Hes domestic. (Lives in TN but has an office in Florida also. Im located in Maryland).

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3 Responses to “Just Got Scammed Via Wire. My Options? Sue?”

  1. Kenneth says:

    You just learned a really expensive lesson.
    You can try suing, but the likelihood of ever finding this guy or proving who you were actually dealing with is slim to none.

  2. JMITW says:

    there are scammers within the US…
    how do you know he is where he says he is? and the so called personal info is correct?
    you can file a police report–and maybe a claim in small claims court…
    was this off craiglist or ebay? how did you come across this?

  3. Patricia says:

    Call your police department and ask for the internet fraud investigator. Make a report. You may not get your money back, but they may have other reports on this guy and eventually catch him.
    And stay away from anything on Craigslist.

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