Jute Vs Sisal Rugs

Both sisal and jute rugs have several similarities. However, it is the difference between sisal and jute rugs that makes it hard to choose one of them. Both of them will carry a natural appearance with them as they are extracted from organic plants. So if you are just looking for natural element, you can choose any of jute or sisal designs. However, there are certain characteristics about both of these materials that you should know about –

Color differences between jute and sisal floor coverings – While jute rugs carry their brown appearance, sisal rugs are off-white or cream-colored. Once the weaving process of jute rugs is completely, they give a unique appearance. Each piece may look distinctly different after completion.

Texture differences between jute and sisal rugs – Jute floor coverings are made up of smooth and soft natural fibers. These natural fibers also have a waxy sheen that looks a lot like flax or hemp. On the other hand, sisal will give you a textured yarn touch. For sensitive feet, sisal rugs are considered to be too coarse. Directly check each one of them to see how they feel on your foot. It is better to check rugs in-person if you are going to purchase them for the first time.

Total life of jute and sisal floor coverings – Jute rugs are highly durable as compared to several other rugs made up of synthetic fibers. However, they don’t last very long in heavy foot traffic areas. It is better to choose these rugs for bedrooms and dining rooms where foot traffic is a bit lower. As far as entryways and living rooms in your house are concerned, you can purchase sisal rugs. Just make sure that you save both of these rug types from water. Exposure can water can destroy fabrics.

Source by Jessica N King

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