La Senza or Marks and Spencer?

glamourous or functional?
Vamp or virginal?

what do you prefer

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7 Responses to “La Senza or Marks and Spencer?”

  1. Kendra H says:

    To be honest it depends on the purpose of the underwear I love La senza especially when my boyf is going to see them but then when I am at work or training I am not bothered what I have underneath as long as the knickers match the bra what happens if you get run over

  2. happy_acid says:

    La Senza, purely for the name it provides, their stuff is sexy and vampy, who wants virginal….besides on your wedding night, but even then you can get awesome stuff from la senza, if they cater for your size :s unfortunately i outgrew them…. 🙁 i still love their night wear and gifts….

  3. Crown says:

    Most def. La Senza
    so much classier and youthful

  4. pink_chik says:

    la senza.i luv their underwear and pyjamas

  5. k31lou says:

    defo la senza!! far nicer underwear marks just seem a bit too old and they never have my size!!

  6. Hermy says:

    La Senza… deffinatly funky stuff!! lol… marks n sparks do some quite sexy stuff too but not as much as la senza…

  7. ♥ flower power♥ says:

    I’d have to say La Senza. There stuff is fun, original and makes you feel great. Marks and Spencer is a bit out of date but perfect if you want a vintage kind of look and their prices are quite good. But on the whole I’d have to day La Senza.

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