ladies your opinion please?

which one of these tops should i get it is for myself to go clubbing in

the price does not matter
sorry Emma your links do not work can you repost them please
I am male Mickayla a transvestite and not ashamed of the fact

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5 Responses to “ladies your opinion please?”

  1. Emma Elles says:…

    ^Thats a nice one

    heres another link

    ^I have that one!

  2. Jassy says:

    I also like the 2nd one – looks sexy, fun and comfortable.

  3. Kate Whelan says:

    This one, I think it looks the nicest 🙂…

  4. Mickayla says:

    Are you male or female? I was assuming you were female but then I saw your name. All the tops are very pretty =) but some would look better then others on a male. I’m not trying to offend anybody but i thought it would be nice to know before i give an answer =)

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