Laptop For Film And Tv Production University?

I am going to university in september and i am wondering what laptop i should get.
I got told i should get a macbook pro.
But looking at them they are expensive and i could get a laptop on Windows for half the price and it has better spec
I am just wondering which one is better.
I have a budget of around £600 but i can get finance and discounts to get a cheaper Macbook Pro

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  1. SilverTo says:

    “and it has better spec”
    No, it doesn’t. It lacks these “spec”….
    — Thunderbolt
    — Firewire 800
    — High pixel density screen
    — EFI firmware
    — Aluminum enclosure
    If it were even possible to find a PC with all these “spec”, you would have to pay the same price. If you don’t need the speed of Firewire 800 and Thunderbolt, if you don’t need the faster startup and lack of hardware initialization issues of EFI, if you don’t need the durability of aluminum enclosure, if you don’t care about the better graphics in OS X, if you will never need to use Mac OS or Apple apps such as Final Cut Pro, get a PC.

  2. ADARSH says:


  3. Walter k says:

    To make things easier for you, consult the one who said you need to have a Mac book Pro, ask him about the alternative you have in mind and see what solution he can come up with. Do not fear talking to the big guys they are human they can understand your position. If everything you need for your studies can be accommodated in the Windows one I do not see any reason why they cannot allow you to use it. Remember what is important is the information you are going to put into that laptop not the quality of the laptop. Cry, out of budget and ask for what you can afford.

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