Laptop Specs Vs Price And Amd Vs Intel?

I’m looking to get a new laptop that can handle programs like Autocad Inventor with ease.
what I have right now is: (retail about $400)
HP 2000-219DX
Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor: VISION E2 Technology from AMD with AMD Dual-Core E-350 Accelerated Processor
graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 Discrete-Class Graphics with up to 1461MB total graphics memory
320GB Hard Drive
This computer is complete crap and is somehow selling for around 400 dollars.
I have gotten the blue screen of death within days of resetting to factory image. It randomly crashes, I hear clicking sometimes in the hdd. this computer is just a pain and can’t even stream 1080p video (yes my internet is plenty fast)
what I’m looking to get is this: (on sale for $480 normally sells for $730)
Lenovo Z585
win7 hp
AMD A10-4600,
6GB memory,
750GB Hard Drive
these specs for 480 bucks seems amazing to me.
there are not too many reviews on the a10 but it should be better than the a6 and a8.
and with this sale going on it seems very tempting to go and buy it because I’m not too sure if a sale like this is going to happen again this year for a laptop with this specs and price.
AMD vs Intel
I’m already leaning toward AMD for what I need to do.
the guy at the store also said AMD is what I should get.
I need to be able to use autocad programs without any lagging.
I also want to be able to edit videos quickly (I HATE waiting for rendering/encoding time)
I want to be able to play games occationally with at lease medium to high graphics with no frame reduction.
Best answer 10pts
computer knowledgeable people only please.

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