Last Minute Cheap Airfare Notification?

Ok….so I need to make it to a wedding in June 2013 but I do not have 400-500 dollars right now to purchase a ticket. What I’ve heard is that you can hop on a last minute day-of flight to the destination at a discounted rate (similar to student rush at a theater). What i’m wondering is if I can sign up to receive notifications the day of or if I am going to have to call the airlines myself and scramble the day of to go. It’s not necessary to make it, but for the right price if I can go I would.
ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS. No one-liners that are like….yeah you should call or suck it up and buy one. I only want the answer to my question.

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One Response to “Last Minute Cheap Airfare Notification?”

  1. George says:

    To find good deals, keep in mind that: Different sites have different opportunities, so I think it’s a good idea to check them all.
    Also search for advance booking, and avoid (if possible) weekends.
    And, if you find a good one, always remember to read the fare rules or terms and conditions….

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