Last minute holiday package deals?

Hi, myself and my friend are considering getting a last minute holiday deal for july 09 but have never done this before. We have always booked in advance. We will be doing it with a reputable travel agents i.e thomson, thomas cook etc so that all hopefully goes to plan.

We are hoping to go for 2 weeks all inclusve and are not bothered about where we go providing its nice and hot! What are our chances of getting this? and will we save much money?

Also, could you tell us how far in advance we should book to get the best deal, we plan to go around the 12th of july. We have read reviews from people who have booked at 9am and flew at 9pm……..this is something we are hoping not to have to do!!

Please give us any tips or experiences you have had………….

Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “Last minute holiday package deals?”

  1. SK says:

    Book whenever you have the money. The earlier you book, the cheaper it will be. Google ‘package holidays’ and you will come up with loads of sites – is a good one, because you don’t have to put in your destination, it will give you everything that is available at the time you want to travel. This will give you an idea of how much it will cost – if you don’t have the money now, keep checking back every week to see if the price is going up much.

    If you go into a travel agent, make sure you have an idea of prices so you don’t get ripped off. STA travel have a deal that they will beat any price you find, as long as you take proof when you go to book (a print out of a quote from another travel agent/webiste) which is a very good deal! They also let you pay a deposit, and pay the rest off over 3 months or so (depending on the total price). check out

  2. justthedanceryeahh says:

    mite help not sure my dad always uses it

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