LCD TV Guide – The Samsung LN52A650 52-Inch LCD TV (1080p 120 Hz)

Samsung is slowly but surely establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of LCD TVs. Currently, among its wide series of LCD TVs, the Samsung LN52A650 LCD HDTV proves to be one of the best in the bunch. Here is a quick guide to what the buzz surrounding this model is all about.

Samsung breaks away from the standard glossy black TV frames by adding a hint of red in this model. Although the frames are still predominately black in color, a hint of dark red is added to the sides of the panel, mainly on the top and bottom edges of the TV. Personally, I find this to be a refreshing change in design. It gives the whole design a nudge, adding to its 'cool' factor and adding a little edginess to the design.

Having a 120hz refresher rate, this feature cuts down blur in fast moving action sequences. One of my favorite features on the Samsung LN52A650 LCD HDTV is that it is internet reader. In has an Ethernet port that allows the TV to access the internet. Once connected, you can receive live news feeds, weather information, TV listings and firmware updates. You can connect this LCD TV to almost any electronic devices imaginable. It comes with 4 HDMI ports, RF inputs (antenna), VGA ports, audio ports, and of course a USB port.


The buzz around the Samsung LN52A650 LCD TV is mainly surrounding the performance of this level. Many experts and consumers are of the consensus that this model is currently arguably the best LCD TV in the market in terms of image and video performance. It is well noted that LCD televisions do not produce blacks as well as Plasma TVs. The shades of blacks on this model are the deepest I've seen on a LCD HDTV. This makes the images more natural and creates a better contrast.

Source by Troy Richards

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