Left My Lease Early, But Continued Paying Rent – Reletting Fee?

My lease ends June 30th, but I signed on my house May 2nd. So I cleaned the apartment, and handed over the keys May 13th. I gave 4 months written notice, so they knew what I was doing. Also, I continued paying my rent, including June’s, on time. I just got my last statement from them, and they’ve charged me a $585 reletting fee (and no they didn’t have anyone move in), and “accelerated rent” for May that adds up to more than my normal rent. Also, they added June’s rent of 689 when my original rent was discounted at 649 for being a tenant for so long. What gives? Can I dispute this? Here’s the letter info if it helps:
Ledger Account at Move-Out
Payments (379.10) (I think this is cuz I paid May’s rent and then moved the 13th so they divided it?)
Balance at move out (379.10)
Charges/Credits/Payments after move-out
Accelerated Rent Charges 5/14-5/31 = 390.43 (does this mean I paid 769 for May’s rent???)
Accelerated Rent Charges June = 689
Charges for Cleaning Needed = 30 (i didn’t clean windows so my bad)
Concession Charged back at move-out (maybe this is the cat deposit that was non-refundable?)
Electric 5/2-5/13 = 4.44
Paint – patch ceiling repair = 10 (bday decoration, my fault)
Reletting Fee 585.65
Replace 8 light bulbs = 16 (seems excessive…but whatever)
Total charges 1934.19
Final Account Balance
Balance at move-out (379.10)
Deposits (1000)
Balance Due 555.09
I gave them a check for $649 on June 1st for June’s rent, and they have not cashed it yet. So that leaves me with about $100. I feel like I’m being really screwed after I thought I did everything as responsible as I should have. So if I would have withheld my keys until June 30th I wouldn’t have had these charges? Aren’t I doing them a favor by letting them have it early while I continue to pay? Anyway, thanks for any responses…

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One Response to “Left My Lease Early, But Continued Paying Rent – Reletting Fee?”

  1. kemperk says:

    did they offer you an exit walk through?
    When you leave a unit early but keep on paying till the end of
    the lease, their re-letting fee has nothing to do with you
    and I am guessing you are in the UK cause in the US
    we don’t say letting, we say renting…….
    THUS, my responses are for the US–
    the LL is trying to put one over on you.
    prepare to go to small claims and sue
    YOU are doing no favors by letting them do anything…..
    they only have the law to deal with.
    they are violating US laws, not sure of UK laws.

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