Lenovo All In One, Which One Should I Choose?

You may have seen some of my many questions already about building a PC but i have now decided against that as i dont really currently have the space for a tower and monitor, however i have been looking at all in one’s, and i have found a few that look quite nice, i always wanted one of the sony L series but i have now realised that they are just overpriced oversize laptops, so i have now found a couple of lenovo systems, the first has the following specifications:
Intel I5 2320 @3.0ghz
4Gb of ram (user upgradeable to 16)
1TB HDD 7200rpm
Nvidia GT650m
23″ full hd display
DVD writer and all the other wireless stuff.
COST: £799.99
+ (Free Windows 8 Pro upgrade)http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/lenovo-ide…
Intel I5 3450s
8GB of ram
Nvidia 615 (cant find this anywhere)
23″ Full HD touch display
DVD Writer
£14.99 Windows 8 Uprgradehttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-B540-inch…
So im not sure which one to choose because from what i can tell form spec’s alone is that the sandybridge model with the 2320 is a better buy for raw power, while the newer ivybridge based model has a touch display and a possibly weaker graphics card, although i cant confirm that because i cant find any benchmarks or otherwise, so which one would make a better buy knowing that i will play some casual games on this macine such as the sims 3 and also a bit of Flight simulator.

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One Response to “Lenovo All In One, Which One Should I Choose?”

  1. Zakir Danish says:

    I recommend you to buy the second one which costs 749 £.
    Because it is a little bit cheaper and the RAM is also more then the first one’s.

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