Lens Attachment For Hitachi C35 Hd Camcorder?

I would like to know if I am able to attach a lens (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer-Digital-C… to the camera but cant find the answer anywhere!

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One Response to “Lens Attachment For Hitachi C35 Hd Camcorder?”

  1. L says:

    If there are threads on a “lip” surrounding the lens, then your camcorder will have a specification for “lens diameter” or “Lens filter diameter”. I looked all over the place and could not find a manual or any specific information at a web site that had the filter specification listed.
    The fisheye lens you linked us to has screw-on threads that would screw onto the threads described above. And while these mounts come in different sized, the one you linked us to will mount to a lens filter screw mount of 37mm.
    Typically, cameras at the low end do not have the lens filter diameter spec because they cannot mount anything using the threads surrounding the lens – because there are no threads… While I am not 100% positive, I’ll say I am about 99% sure your camera cannot mount the lens you want to mount to the camcorder because there are no threads…

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