LGN Revolution

What is LGN Revolution?

LGN Revolution commonly known as The Little Guy Network is an online business. This online marketing business allows you to join at three separate levels: LGN, LGN Xtreme and LGN Elite. The Elite program was released several months ago, which is a fantastic program.

When the owners of Little Guy Network disagrees on the upcoming path of the. James Ward, the CEO of LGN Revolution, maintained possession of Little Guy. The business grew as James introduced a bigger & better program, more training. method business is done on the internet.

The "revolution" is apprent in the following:

1. Compensation – 100% of the money paid for entry into LGN Revolution at any

membership (see # 4 d). Most other online companies do not have these services

3. Admission and free use of travel vouchers, digital books and helpful digital software. Members can give any or all of these items away. They can also resell the digital products. The value of the free products is more than that paid for the program.

4. Instruction – Members are capable of gaining access to video tutorials within the "back office" and attend daily New Member training calls and Marketing Calls. The training and marketing calls are conducted by the means of an internet interface. Trainees can obscure how to complete individual tasks and not just listen to them being elucidated over the phone.

5. Marketing Tools – This is perhaps the final area of ‚Äč‚Äčimprovement, in my opinion.

a. Informational and motivational movies relating to the LGN Revolution business and compensation plans.

b. Weekly Overview Calls. These calls are where members send prospects and hear James elucidate how the business works and to get questions answered.

c. There is a live "Help" box on the front page of the LGN Revolution sales page. If a prospect has a problem about anything, they can type their question into the chat box and get an immediate response. Members do not have to call prospects if they feel uncomfortable doing so.

d. Each member has access to the LGN Sales Center. Within the sales center members will discover the following:

1). A variety of Ready-To-Use capture pages

2). 2 Do-It-Yourself lead landing pages

3). Entirely customizable "About Me" websites.

4). Facebook

5). Autoresponder system fully loaded with message series. All members are also able to customize all messages within their autoresponders. Members of other programs typically pay $ 19.95 or more per month for this service.

6). Contact Manager, showing the prospect's name, phone number, email address, which pages they viewed, and which autoresponder emails they accessed.

7). LISA – Desktop Management / Lead Management Program.

So what is the quickest way to get the best results with LGN Revolution?

To get the fastest results in LGN Revolution you will need a fully branded customizable attraction marketing system that brands you as a leader in the industry.

Also your system must be duplicatable to your downline allowing them also to brand themselves as well. If you do not currently have a marketing system, or your not

an expert at building websites, and familier with HTML, I recommend clicking on the link below and looking into a ready to use marketing system. This is by far the

most effective way to build your business online, and will allow you and your downline to generate 50 – 150+ leads a day for your LGN or any home business. As a result

you will experience rapid growth in your downline.

Source by Nathaniel L

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