“like For Like” Policy On A Tv And Its Warranty?

Hey all, I broke our Panasonic TV which came with a free 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. The insurance company has offered a replacement panasonic which does match the tv we lost, but it doesn’t come with this warranty…so the package isn’t “like for like…”. They can’t seem to tell me where in my policy that it says that these things aren’t covered, but just that the policy doesn’t mention them as being covered…I can’t find it either. He tried to fob me off with the not covering documents section…any ideas? Or should I take what I got offered and run (tv cost us £850 last year, been offered £728 or £770 if we take john lewis vouchers…)

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One Response to ““like For Like” Policy On A Tv And Its Warranty?”

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like you got a special promotion when you purchased your old TV, as a service that is normally extra was included for free.
    Now, weather you purchased an extended warranty or not, they all work the same. If the equipment covered is ever REPLACED after the initial 1-year manufacturers warranty period has ended, the warranty is “FULFILLED”, with the balance of the plan taken as a deductible.
    It’s pretty standard in the industry.
    Hey, at least you are getting your TV replaced… and you could still buy a new plan if you want to.

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