Line Level And Phono Level? Whats The Difference?

I have just bought a turn table, and it says in the manual.. **WARNING** The RCA outputs are LINE level. Please only connect these to LINE level inputs. You may damage your receiver if you plug in a LINE level device into a PHONO level input. what does this mean? I was looking at these speakers..
I have looked at RCA to RCA cables but it says they are PHONO plugs, does that make any difference that they are PHONO? or does it only matter that both input and output are LINE level?

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One Response to “Line Level And Phono Level? Whats The Difference?”

  1. Colin H says:

    It’s to do with Impedance.
    Line leads usually have a Jack-plug, whereas Phono are a shielded Pin-plug.
    You need to heed the WARNING otherwise you could blow your Amp.
    Not sure what you mean about Speakers.

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