Long Lasting Jeans That Don’t Cost Two Legs?

Both of my saddles are rough out, seat and fenders, so I go through jeans pretty quick. It’s at the point where my mom won’t let me buy new jeans. It seems like I’m at Goodwill every two weeks. I would love to buy Wranglers, but I don’t have that kind of money. Does anyone know of another long lasting brand, OR does anyone know where I might find some discount Wranglers…?

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One Response to “Long Lasting Jeans That Don’t Cost Two Legs?”

  1. Ash says:

    I know this sounds funny, because they are typically thought of as fashion jeans, but hollister.
    I have their slim fit jeans and after they fade out I wear them to the barn. Have had the same “barn jeans” i’ve worn over 2 years and still no holes, rips or tears in them. They run about $50, which I guess is cheap for jeans these days.

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