Look for Turkish Rugs for Any Space to Add Instant Interest

Many wonder why Turkish carpets are a top choice for home and business owners looking to dress up their interiors. There are plenty of reasons! For one, they are very high quality when obtained from the right source. Made of all natural materials and dyes, they are very useful and functional, long lasting and easy to clean and care for.

The geometry and patterns used in Turkish carpets is second to none. Many consider them an investment, and they are even hung on walls in some spaces. These classy and fashionable elements are more than a simple rug; They will be valuable forever.

Outstanding Quality

For anyone who is new to Turkish carpets, they will find that valuating them is a simple process when they learn what to look for. Determining of a rug is handmade is the first step. They can do this by flipping them over, and seeing how distinct the design shows on the back. The more knots the better, and many are valued by knots per square inch. If there are 500 or more KPSI, then it is considered a very fine rug.

Look for curvilinear and floral patterns as these have a higher count in most cases. This is because the lines and forms must be complex to accommodate such patterns. Geometric shapes are also popular, however. Though these have less KPSI, they are still quite valuable. It's just good to know that these designs typically carry less knots, and that's okay.

Also, it's important to note that a higher count of knots will make the Turkish carpet more expensive. This is due to the intensive craftsmanship and time put in to creating them.

Meaning in the Designs

A Turkish carpet is considered a work of art. Every design has a story to tell. Choose what suits a room but also one's personal taste when it comes to the motif and personal beauty of each piece. They are almost like a language of their own and carry much interest. Each one is an expression of the personal weaver that made it. In most cases, the regions that the rugs come from will carry the same motif; Tribal Turkish carpets will have designs that are more geometric.

These rugs are often prayer rugs, and common patterns and designs include the tree of life, prayer niches, the central medallion and of course geometric designs. It's fun to learn about the meanings behind the motif of a particular Turkish carpet, and gives the owner something to talk about when they receive compliments.

Where to Find a Great Rug

Without a person is sufficient enough to travel a lot, they will not be able to get their rug in the country of origin. The rugs can easily be found online from various stores that specialize in them. While it can be daunting not being able to examine the rug before purchase, one can easily check the return policy, and also see what other customers have said about their purchases. This is a great way to settle on a supplier, and the good news is that they are quite affordable when sour well. Regardless, a Turkish rug will be a centerpiece and masterpiece that will bring the entire room together and make it more interesting and welcoming.

Source by Kamran Jamshidi

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