Looking At Getting A Laptop, Is This Good?

I did my research, and outside of mac, Lenovo and Asus ranked best. My company gives a discount to employees for lenovo, so I’d get a great deal on this one:http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/contr…
I am planning on using it for school work, going online to do things, have songs, and run netflix and oher shows (instead of having a TV). With its processor and RAM, would this computer be ideal? For about $60 more, I can get a 1TB memory with 8GB ram, and an i5, still a duo core. I was wondering what someone who is better at these things thought? The most gaming I would do is sims, so no I don’t need to hook up an xbox, but I don’t want movies or shows cutting out when I walk. Also, I might be putting Microsoft Office and Adobe suites on it if needed for class. I have been using a Acer Aspire with an intel celeron m processor, 80gb hard drive, and 512 mb memory (ya, small, but it was free), if that tells you what all I use as is. I have been doing homework on microsoft office on here, have a few songs, and do internet things (just not streaming). Thanks for any help!

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2 Responses to “Looking At Getting A Laptop, Is This Good?”

  1. American says:

    Get a Mac

  2. VenuG says:

    It is an excellent lap top in all respects.

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