Looking For A Comedian Or Skit?

this guys had a special on comedy central it was pretty funny but i forgot his name. kicking my self*
anyway the skit went something like this:
he has a little kid learning how to speak. the kid favourite toy/ thing was a fire truck. but he couldn’t pronounce it right instead he said fire f**k. One time while shopping there was a ***** shopping in the same aisle. the dad (the comedian telling the story) did his best to keep his cool and not act up with his kid there. as they switched aisles and and the ***** was the the heat of the argument that was happening. There it was, the largest red fire truck in the toy department on sale. With immense joy and sheer excitement the little boy jumped up and yelled FIRE F**K and pointed at the *****, behinds her was the toy. Consequently the lady fell silent.
I am sure I told the story differently ,but this comedian told it with enthusiasm I almost pissed myself laughing

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