Looking for cheap phone/broadband deals.?

Hi there ! I am moving soon and am not that lued up about cheap internet/phone deals. Can you recomend anything ?
Thank you !

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6 Responses to “Looking for cheap phone/broadband deals.?”

  1. Bedmechanic says:

    Register with SKY they are doing a deal at the moment.


  2. kelly says:

    dont know about phone deals but i use plusnet broad band and i get upto 8 meg for 14.99 a month. unlimited downloads and its a great package and only takes a week to sort out.

  3. suzanne H says:


  4. Notorious!!! says:

    Hi, If you can get cable at your new address try "telewest" they do a phone/tv/ 4mb broadband deal, free call’s at weekend’s and evenings, ok tv package, broadband is exceptional, all for £40 per month, Hop this helps.

  5. Emalyse says:

    Pipex has a range of combined broadband & phone packages. Better availability and track record than many recent over-hyped companies.

  6. Me Y says:

    I’ve heard that a company called ‘Talktalk’ is quite good. I think you get an 8meg broadband speed. But i’m not sure about the exact prices………but i’ve heard it’s cheap. Just go on google and type ‘talktalk’ and the site comes up.

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