Looking for marketing information about Marks & Spencer?


We are a group of MBA students and as part of a Marketing project we are looking for past [green] marketing campaigns that were initiated by Marks and Spencer (M & S).
If anyone has any idea about a good database or a website with some good resource about those campaigns, we would really appreciate it.



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3 Responses to “Looking for marketing information about Marks & Spencer?”

  1. pols says:


    everything u need to know..i think..lol…paula x

  2. ozzy chik... says:

    I assume the Marketing Dept. at Marks and Spencer will be the best source you can get…….I am an Ozzy so if they have changed hands, the current owners still would have inherited that imformation……………..good luck…………………

  3. robert m says:

    marketing press like marketing and marketing week/PR week etc will have articles on such things, the M&S website should as well of course!

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