Lose Satellite and Cable TV Bill – Not the TV!

Month in and out my wife and I would scour the budget to find any small nugget of savings. Grocery shopping was optimized. Dining out eliminated (or at least severely reduced). We dropped the gym membership. We even dropped the telephone land line. Saving any money we could was a top priority. We closely monitored expenditures and income and came to a horrifying realization: The TV was the next thing to go! We were living as frugal as one could stand, but did we have to live in the dark ages? Where is the humanity?

Even before the necessity of trimming bills came to be, I would regularly call my satellite provider to get the best rate. I would alert the provider that cable television had a very competitive rate and while I truly enjoyed their service, money is money. This routine would occur on a bi-annual basis, and although tedious, probably saved us a couple hundred dollars a year. But this time there was no tactic that would completely eliminate the bill. It was simply the next thing to go. That is when I discovered the improvements made in streaming video.

With continuous improvements in bandwidth and video playing quality on the home PC and laptops, online video watching is on the rise. For once I may even be on the cutting edge of a new trend. Several different services are available offering channels the world over, movies and music. Channel lists 10 to 20 times larger than any current satellite and cable television provide offers today. Best of all, you can select only the programs you wish to watch, schedule their recording, and in some instances, you can even burn the videos to DVD to carry with you wherever you are going. Software is provided to enable you to use your PC as an entertainment center, sending streaming content to other PCs and your television. Most importantly, these new services are often provided to you for less than a single month’s satellite or cable TV bill.

There are several streaming video websites available to all including network television sites providing original content for little or no fees. Here are four providers that provide various memberships, and most importantly moneyback guarantees:

  • StreamOnline Movies offers DVD and HD quality programming with varying membership levels. This program also provides you with software so that you can burn DVDs and take your streaming entertainment wherever you want to go. With over 3 million customers to date, you also have the opportunity be your own television program executive.
  • Dish TV for Your PChelps turn your PC into your own satellite entertainment venue. This service provides over 3000 HD TV channels and over 6000 Movie Titles, over 15,000 TV Episodes, over 2000 Games & Radio Stations on your Windows PC or Windows Laptop. PLUS unlimited Music Downloads!
  • PC4TV offers a world wide selection of television and radio channels for a one time membership fee. No monthly fees and no hidden charges! Watch Sports, News, Game Shows, Documentaries, and hundreds of other programs from around the US and the world! Your cable company doesn’t offer this! And there is no monthly fee! PC4TV also offers a “Test Drive” of their software prior to any purchase to ensure compatibility with your computer.

This is only a small list of the many providers available. Start saving money today by eliminating a monthly bill without giving up the coveted television entertainment. What do you have to lose?

Source by Matthew T Payne

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