Lost 15 Pounds, Want To Keep Losing More?

I don’t think I have an ED because I don’t starve myself, but my eating has become pretty obsessive and I constantly worry and still see flaws in myself/my body (the thing that worries me). Yesterday I went to buy a pair of shorts. The sales woman helped me, and I said the last pair of shorts I bought was a size 8 (true). She ended up fitting me in a size 2, and I should have been proud but I felt kind of uneasy. I almost feel like it will never be good enough, and it’s a little compulsive now. I also HAVE to have a BM after I eat unless I am with friends or I get really obsessive. I know that’s not normal, but I can’t stop the thinking when I feel even a slight “fullness” in my stomach.
Should I speak to someone about this? What would even happen?

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2 Responses to “Lost 15 Pounds, Want To Keep Losing More?”

  1. David says:

    No. You just dont feel good being fat. My wife and I are the same way, we dont like to feel full either. Go on youtube, type in detox, vegan detox etc… youre slowly detoxing thats why you dont want to feel full. Youre getting healthier by cleaning out toxins and youre becoming more aware of your body.

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