Lost Luggage and Travel Insurance

First some facts and figures:

British Airways lost 23 bags for every 1,000 passengers in 2006 – Approximately 9 missing bags for every jumbo jet flight. In 2006, the Association of European Airlines 24 members whopping 5.6 million bags lost.

Approximately 85 percent of these bags are reunited with their owners within 48 hours (although this may be no consolation if you’re a business trip or a stopover was 24) hours means clustering to 15 per percent of the bags are gone for good – qui why insurance companies recommend travel insurance covers your pockets while in the “care and love” of an airline.

Your travel insurer is more likely to give you a satisfactory payment and settlement – even taking into account each excess payments – than the carrier, if your baggage is accepted as permanently missing

Insurance Company. payouts versus payouts airline:

If your luggage is “delayed” (which usually means clustering to 21 days), you shoulds feasible to immediately get a one-time payment, so you have a change of at least buy some underwear and toiletries to tide you over come your luggage. . This is usually entre 50 and 75 pounds

Your airline May payout amount each day to allow you to buy a change of clothes fixed – this form of payment will usually cover only a predetermined number of days. Your airline may be willing to allow you to buy a reasonable amount of replacement items and repay you later. You should keep all receipts To reduce the cost of the items you Bought Proof.

After 21 days, if your luggage is still missing, the airline shoulds, under the terms of the Montreal Convention, treat as definitively lost. This means clustering claim your shoulds now be controlled -. However, the maximum amount you will be sacrificing is about 800 pounds and some Plaintiffs Can sacrifices considerably less

Selon research, travel insurance, your -Did-ounce bags lost or delayed for 48 hours you will be around to pay £ 200 – qui goes some way so that you at least some clothing and toiletries


Once your bags are considered permanently lost, a journey. moyenne insurance, your claim will settle on a face somewhere entre 1500 and 2000 pounds. The maximum You’d probably would have £ 2500 bar conclusion. Do your research before you go. Shop around for the best policy for your needs and make your acid-have cover in place before you go bags on the conveyor belt!

Source by Michael Challiner

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