Lost My Favorite Jacket, Anybody Know Where I Can Find This Old Puma Jacket?

I’ve had the black version of this jacket since 2010 and I’ve recently lost it over the summer. Anyone know any obscure websites that sell out of production clothes? or any other solution?
I originally bought a modified Monte Carlo version in Las Vegas of Summer 2010.
It was exactly the same as the jacket in the link except it had the words in cursive ‘Monte Carlo’ next to the Puma symbol on the neck. I bought it in a shop (Street of Dreams?) in the Monte Carlo hotel lobby (2010 Summer), but i’m only sharing this for insight. If I can find a version with slightly modified characteristics I will be just fine with that( The ‘out of stock’ one on the official Puma website has slightly altered cuffs -> http://www.shop.puma.com/Large-Logo-Track-Jacket/pna817729,en_US,pd.html )
I emailed Puma support with this question today and they could not help me in any way besides tell me i’m pretty much screwed. Found one for sale on a random website but it is a SMALL 🙁 I am looking for a large.
The small one on sale_

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