Maggie Snatcher. Deserved Or Not?

I am perhaps one of the few on here to have suffered from her policies. I was involved in the 3 month 1980 steel strike on the Scunthorpe steel works. We could not claim any benefits. I got £1 a day for being on the picket line plus a food voucher for Pioneer (Coop) I was unable to keep the mortgage payments up and lost my house. It cost me about £10,000. and put me on the street.
Later on the Falklands redeemed her somewhat,but I feel sorry for those who lost a lot more.

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8 Responses to “Maggie Snatcher. Deserved Or Not?”

  1. Deight says:

    I suffered from her policies, sort of. I witnessed the mass unemployment of the North East and many of my friends and family were affected.
    Lifes what you make it, people who still blame Thatch over 20 years later have something wrong to be honest, they must be stuck in the 70s, not many people wanted 70s back

  2. Guru Hank says:

    I am sorry to hear how you lost your house, it must have been terrible for you and your family. But at that time something had to be done to stop the way British Steel was losing money. Bill Sirs was demonised for trying to salvage something out of an industry that wasn’t actually making money anywhere in the world apart from China, and was facing competition in Europe from the Poles. How many steelworks could Britain keep open for the purpose of ‘picking up sticks and laying them straight?’ A relative worked for British Steel for years, and he had a fund of stories about mismanagement that you would normally only find in a Daily Mail fantasy.

  3. Ralf says:

    you went on strike, then you suffered from your own polices.. never been on strike in my life and don’t want too.. don’t want to sound hard, if indeed it’s true.. but you should be blaming the unions for turning you into a pawn in their dumb control game..
    thatcher took away milk during the ted heath government when she was education minister.. she did it under medical advice, it wasn’t needed any more.

  4. Stargaze says:

    To dermot…North sea oil revenue saved this country and without it thatcher could not have made the changes she made and she used the money to pay for the long unemployment queue…
    We did not have this money or we could have invested it in our industries and given the workers a pay rise after a two year freeze on pay
    she was education minister in ted heaths government when she cut my milk has a kid, but i was to young to understand what she had done to me and others.
    For a woman and mother to do this is beyond belief..

  5. dermot says:

    maggie saved your nation from financial ruin
    just like the USA is what is happening right now
    we are going broke
    and our fearless leader’s answer is
    SPEND more

  6. stacey says:

    Absolutely deserved
    I will save my party for the day they bury her

  7. Tolemac says:

    I see some people are going to MILK this for all it’s worth…

  8. Just wondering! says:

    whatever she did…i don’t care now since she died..we should respect of death.its not time to talk about her what she did..just say RIP..Hey she was human ok?

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