Making a Victorian business card holder

What is a better option that is a Victorian business card holder, if you are looking for adding that soft, stylish ambience of your office? You can keep a Victorian business card holder in your office, or wear it had with you also. This kind of a business card is very simple two fours, and you can create one for yourself too. The tradition of the Victorian cards goes back to the Victorian era, when it became a standard two dealer from phonecards Reviews that two neighbors, family and friends who visit people exceptional.

Everyone in the family had their own card, just return. During those days, it was a part of the modified two herald the arrival of a new born city Means a calling card. The cards back were just too beautifully designed, with a touch of feminine touch, and some floral details. Having a business card These Days is important to your business. You can make Victorian cardholders from a Victorian tea. Victorian craft ideas are unique, and artistic, and may ask to good use when making business card holders for storing your cards. Below is an overview of the steps for creating Victorian cardholders on your own.

Two starters, two of you get hold of an antique tea cup and saucer needed. This should not cost much, provided you keep your eyes open to grab a beautiful, artistically designed saucer and cup that large yourlocal. The next step is two create your own container. To do this, you can use flowers gum or a two-party epoxy. What you need to do it two ice, tea confirms strongly to the dish. Then, let the two dry. If you overuse of a bipartisan epoxy would just ask the cup and saucer strongly bonded, and it would be a permanent thing. If you do not want to-do this on an ongoing basis, simply use flowers gum sticking two of the dish to the cup, like flowers gum would cause a temporary bond.

After the cup and saucer stuck holder, has two selectable floral moss, alongwith your personal choice of dried flowers or dried flowers in similar colors, so thats it well with coordinating the pattern you on your teacup and saucer. After this, attach the flowers and moss-which mail you selected. Then, using a hot glue gun, stick up a layer of moss flower bed so that it provides a kind of a platform for the dried flowers you have. Once this is done, start Attaching the dried flowers on the top of the bed of moss in a design that you would like it to be. Let your creative juices flowing here! Use as many designs. You can put small ribbon roses, rose buds, dried grasses, small silk flowers, and anything your imagination and artistic sense permits

Source by John Rowbotham

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