mamas and papas sales?

Does anyone know when the mamas and papas sales are? I did ask a member of staff at mamas and papas but they ‘obviously’ did not know! Ive spent a fortune at this place so far then I went and missed a sale a few months back and I was pretty angry with myself for not waiting. I still have a few other things to buy and I am determined to save myself some money. If anybody knows when the sales start I would appreciate the food news. I am in the north of England if it helps. Im not sure if I have put this in the correct category? Thanks xx
i am buying the zeddy and parsnip range. Not in the sale or any cheaper to buy online.
ebay only tend to do the zeddy and rhubarb range which has been discontinued. Zeddy and parsnip is the new range.

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  1. ιм a мoмму! ♥ says:

    i have the WHOLE zeddy and parsnip collection!
    they do have a sale section online but its rather poor.
    i got nearly all of my stuff from a local baby store that stockists mamas and papas and they give you money off every item so i saved a lot!
    i got my stuff from Newbles 01915812396 – they deliver!
    but go on there website and find your local stockist and you will probably save a lot more this way.
    they should be having a summer sale about july/august i was told.

  2. ~Miracle~Mummy~ says:

    well on the website there is loads of sale stuff, not sure if its in store as well though. the website is:-

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