Manipulating Decimals In C++?

My program is not multiplying two float variables in the correct manner. . I accept a price from the keyboard. Then I have a function to administer a discount of 10%, but the program continues to calculate 19% and hence outputs the wrong total cost. . . Help anyone?

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2 Responses to “Manipulating Decimals In C++?”

  1. Cronin says:

    paste your code to and give us a link
    hehe ok … so besides how you’re doing arrays which is really weird and I don’t actually believe works the error is calling Members_Cost more than once
    hence total *.9 * .9 which is 81% … or a discount of 19% (which is 10% twice)
    if the file writing was working the it’d be 27.10% discount in the file

  2. Cronin says:

    Yeah, I can help. Because I have psychic powers, and I can see into your mind, and see the code that you wrote.

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