Marks and Spencer?

I love Marks and Spencer clothes,the layout of the shop and that it has everything for any age group, The quality of the clothes are very very good. Quality that does not exist these days. There are shops now like Primark and TJ Hughes all though there clothes are a lot cheaper in price than Marks and Spencer its still very bad quality and a very bad layout, that the older person like the elderly shopping would find very hard, to what they were looking for. Now my question is do you like Marks and Spencer or the new shops like Primark and TJ hughes? And for what reasons.

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  1. a beautiful lie says:

    I much prefer the underwear at M&S because it is very good quality and good value, I have bought bras from primark and the cup fitting is bad, the band size isnt snug fitting and the wires pop out after one wear. I havent been in tj hughes Im not sure there is one local anywhere nearby. Primark is very cheaply mass made clothing and not always complimentary to the sizing it claims to be. I have had to buy 12s when I know I am a size 10. The fact they dont do trousers to fit long legs either is a pain, whereas good quality clothing stores will have trousers to fit all leg lengths. I say you get what you pay for most of the time. I would hate for the quality of M&S clothing to decline as I do agree it is of all ages. But I say primark is very much more target at younger women.

  2. Barking at the Moon says:

    I love the knickers and their wearers

  3. Only Me says:

    for day to day clothes I shop in Primark but if I want something dressy I go to more expensive stores but not M&S

  4. lil_farmgirl says:

    I like all of them . M&S i use for nice underwear and lingerie , I find the clothes a little frumpy though . Primark is great for everyday stuff , t-shirts etc , but you definatly get what you pay for as they dont last long once they have been washed a couple of times .

  5. =) me (= says:

    I don’t have experience with the other two you listed and I’ve actually never been inside a M&S store, but I do have experience with their lingerie…IMO it’s the equivalant of Victoria’s Secret (aka – cheap quality) but with an even more unnatural shape and the fabric feels horrid against ones skin. I don’t think M&S is all it’s cracked up to be as a lot of people seem to think.

  6. john i says:

    You can`t beat Primark for shirts, socks etc. I have a shirt on now that was £3 in their sale and it really is heavy quality. Marks are good for Jackets and suits but buy everything else in Primark now. For women Primark prices mean clothes can be worn a few times and chucked away and you have had value!

  7. Coolpandachick says:

    Generally marks and sparks as there are more near where I live, Good quality, prices and large range of everything

  8. Soxygirl says:

    I don’t really like any of the stores you’ve listed for very different reasons:
    M&S: I just don’t like the clothes, they’re not my cup of tea, I’m sure they are good quality (you’d hope so cus being frank they are quite dear) but I find them a little frumpy and safe.. but the lingerie is quite nice.
    I can appreciate older women liking it, it does have a good layout except our local one on a saturday is always packed on a saturday and thus a death trap..
    Primark: Sweatshop fashion, I hate the idea. You get what you pay for, they’re ok for basics but they don’t last.

  9. Smile2Day =] says:

    I would prefer Marks and Spencer as a shop because it is a lot more ethical as opposed to Primark – I can’t even step foot in Primark without feeling bad. A lot of my clothes come from independant lables – I got a few from Camden, Affleks Palace. Things that are out of the norm and more ethical. Also, I do a lot of online shopping at places like Howies – sweatshop free and organic.

  10. Christina K says:

    I buy most of my underwear from M&S, they are very good quality and their prices have actually come down. I buy some outerwear from them, they are good for tailored blouses/shirts for work, but I also use Next, Principles and the designer ranges at Debenhams. Primark has the odd thing that I might buy as a cheap and cheerful for holidays, or wear a couple of times and throw away. Their underwear is awful. T.J.Hughes is just like a giant jumble sale, I can’t stand it.

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