Math Help (algebra 1) Please ..?

Math Help (Algebra 1) please ..?
This is an example of whats going to be on my test, can yu explain and answer (show work) so i understand it for my test. Please & thankyou 🙂
3. A pair of shoes is on sale for $36. They originally cost $60. Find the percent of discount of the shoes. Show all your work.
a. Write an equation or proportion that you will use to solve this problem. You will need to use a variable. Make sure to state what the variable is representing.
b. Solve the equation or proportion you wrote in Part a. Show all your work.
c. State the answer the problem in a complete sentence.

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  1. Shop Next says:

    the percent discount of the shoes is 40%
    You pay $36 is 60%, $60-$36 = $24 is the $ discount make it 40%
    a. Equation is 60(1-a)=36
    a = is the percent of discount or the percent you don’t pay
    b. 60-60a=36
    a=40% or .4

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