Math Help! Math Student?

Mathematics of Merchandising
Can any one help me with these questions?
I’m terrible at math..
After a discount of $268.25, a distributor paid $894.25 to purchase an item from a manufacturer. What rate of discount was applied to the purchase?
Payments of $800 and $1000 are due in 30 days and 210 days, respectively. If money can be invested at 7.75%, what single payment 90 days from now is equivalent to that payment stream?
An invoice shows a net price of $209.72 after trade discounts of 30%, 10%, and 4% have been deducted.
a. What was the list price of the goods? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
Price $
b. What single rate of trade discount would be equivalent to the discount series? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
Single rate %
How much would be required on July 7 to settle an invoice of $798.49 dated June 27 with credit terms 2/10, 1/20, n/60?

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