Math../: Please Help!?

When Alex joined a discount CD club, he was allowed to buy 10 CDs at $0.50 each. If he buys one CD per month for the next year at $14.95 each plus $3.70 shipping and handling, what will be the average price for all the CDs he purchased?
A) $10.55
B) $10.45
C) $10.50
D) $10.35
E) $10.40

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One Response to “Math../: Please Help!?”

  1. Chadirin says:

    10 CDs X $0.50 = $5
    12 CDs X ($14.95+$3.70) = $223.80
    ($223.80+$5) / 22 CDs = $10.40
    The correct answer is E.
    This question is a little unspecific. It is not clear to the reader that there was bought 22 CDs in total. The only certainty was that Alex bought 12 CDs throughout the year. Being allowed to buy 10 CDs doesn’t automatically mean he had to buy them.

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