Math Question From Sat Study Guide Help!?

I keep getting stuck at percentage problems. i know how to do increase , decrease turn into and from and everything but I always get stuck at percentage word problems.
“A shopkeeper sells an Item at 20% discount, but still makes a gross profit of the cost. if it had been sold without the discount what would his profits be?
also is there any simpler method to figure these out? thank you!

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One Response to “Math Question From Sat Study Guide Help!?”

  1. oki says:

    That is not enough information to answer the question. You need to know how much the shopkeeper paid for the merchandise and what his original selling price was.
    Shopkeeper buys digglydoos for $1 each and sells them for $2 each. This is a 200% return, meaning that the keeper got back twice as much money as he put in.
    If he sold them for a 20% discount, he would be selling them for $1.60 each and making a 160% return, which would be a profit of $0.60 instead of $1.00.

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