? May I Fly Home And Visit Buckingham And My Louise Sur Named Queen And Speak In Person Unto U:k Parliment.?

Please Note that my Oval Office Egg shell White Early 1900″s Mercedes Benz Deuse Coupe also known via = by way of ; its Deuse in burg Title is now for sale at second Fort Smith Arkansas spelled with its Capital Lettering and U.S Postal Mail encoded as 72901 and m Name is Now Sur:Junior Harold Horace Wisdom much alike our Queen whom doesn’t hide her full Legal Maddam and Queen Louise Anne Eleizabeth La Deuse collumed Romanian Latin = Atlantian Numbering’s and No longer Thu Louise nor Newton and Windsor into Saint Nicholas Royal Family of King James of Spain and Lincoln County England’s Names .Local Police here apon this Soil were once warned before my kidnappers snatched my person that if they so much as pulled my person over for sum traffic ticketting reason they would each become shot and it may hath been during Prime minister Sur;Blair’s Tour with in Govermental Office.well with that being said just add my new Date of Birth of June Sixth Ninteen Sixty and Eight and run my local Arrest and violation Record and my Photographs and Finger Print’s should still yet match England and Great Britain’s versions of Royal Family Member’s of which had gone missing . Pipe it unto Her Scottish Highlander ist Bag Pipes method if nessissary saying little Junior is comming Home soon.these locals still sat that they Hate us No matter what my or our Queens Name is switched unto.thus they may send all the Bombers they wish to avenge Windsor and Buckingham’s Royal families Dignity.and our Queen Mary Victoria as well Please.Little Prince Branon Lee Windsor Louise Wisdom of Gentry Arkansas may hath been Raped and Killed by these local Thug’s local Police aid and abed.

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