Mazuma argos voucher ?

Ok so i sold my phone on and recived my 72.60 on a special argos card(voucher). I did this to plan to buy a xbox from argos, but ive seen cheaper at another store that sell’s xbox 360 consoles. Would i be able to exchange my voucher at argos for cash, like could i give them the card and exchange for £72 in the store?

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One Response to “Mazuma argos voucher ?”

  1. Steve B says:

    What does it say on the Voucher ???

    The vast majority will say ‘no cash value’ or ‘not exchangeable for cash’ or similar ..

    You have to understated the difference (as far as Argos is concerned) between CASH and a VOUCHER

    … with a VOUCHER you can only get goods that contains an element of profit .. typically, goods have a 50% mark-up, so a Voucher ‘costs’ them in goods about 50% of the face value ..
    if they were to give you CASH, they it’s costing them 100% of face value …

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