McCanns: is Kate plea bargaining ? is there plea bargening in Portugese law ?

I’m not one for speculation (as you know) but if the Portugese Police call someones partner in the day before the other partner and the interview goes on for hours and hours is it possible there is some plea bargaining going on ? is there plea bargaining in Portugese law ?

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  1. dave s says:

    It might be early on in the process, but Im sure plea bargaining does exist. Its a useful ploy to not have to clog up the court system with endless ‘not guilty’ pleas because there is no advantage in declaring guilty unless you get something out of it.

  2. daisy says:

    i think they’re trying to get one person to crack.

  3. nina m says:

    The interview has been going on for 6 and a half hours now………

  4. LEXY says:

    We don’t know, we can speculate, but what good is that. We will not know any facts until an offical press realease on the news.

    Im waiting until then.

  5. Jomamoeuskadi says:

    Unless you have supernatural powers you have absolutely no idea what is happening in Portugal.

    So why talk about what you don`t know?

  6. steven e says:

    dont know,but no deals.

  7. shannonhf05 says:

    no idea but she can try

  8. Knownow't says:

    Well how about another take on the whole thing…..The McCanns told the Police they were leaving Portugal as the lease on the present villas runs out next week….the Police had them in to take thorough statements in Portuguese….this means questions written in longhand in Portuguese, translanted into English, written down and translated back so each question can take up to five or six minutes, so a normal two hour interview can take up to twelve hours I would say, so wait and see…
    Obviously they could not see both of them on the same day as it would take too long.
    Would not say this was a case for plea bargaining…..if it was necessary as its one word against another….
    Please, Please wait and see what happens, instead of speculating.

  9. diamondjade says:

    What ever is goin on with the McCanns "the truth will out" no doubt about that, and i for one is waitin for the day.

  10. debs7405 says:

    Has anything concrete come from the Portugese police yet?
    We’ll wait n see.

  11. quierounvaquero says:

    Plea bargaining is something done between lawyers, not police and persons questioned.

  12. justmebackagain says:

    every thing is being translated then, written in long hand ,then typed, and then signed by kate, for her approval, thats why so long,, and shes not a suspect,, help lol

  13. brainyandy says:

    Despite some of the condescending comment that have been made to your question, you may have a point.

    Up until now, I have not answered any questions that have been posted here relating to this subject, but I can’t help thinking that it must be more than a coincidence that the Portuguese police have said that they will be making a statement soon at the same time as blood sample tests have been completed. To me that suggests that the police ‘have their man’ and that they may be ‘advising’ the Mcanns to contribute to this statement.

    But at the moment it’s still just conjecture. Looks like we’ll all have to wait and see!

  14. Van der Elst says:

    Don’t know, sorry. However, I’m just surprised that there seems to be no-one posting on this site that is familiar with Portuguese Law – except whatever has come from this case via news reports.

  15. MADDY says:

    No idea, brilliant question though, I want to see the pact of silence broken, at least it will then give a correct time-frame which is what should have happened at the start. Why on earth would you have a pact of silence when the life of your daughter is at stake? What a motley crew!

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