Me And My 4 Year Old Need Help!!?

I am a single father, raising my 4 year old son..
I have a criminal background and bad credit..
These applications to rent an apartment require for a background and criminal
check..I been sober 41 months and I am receiving SSD for me , and SSI for my son.
I can’t find an apartment that is not asking to fill out a rental application.
Is their anyway around that??
Plus Social Service gave me a voucher for temporary rentals assistance(TRA),
that pays first month rent and deposit, but it requires for landlord’s to provide lead certification.
How can I find an apartment.. I live in Paterson NJ..

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4 Responses to “Me And My 4 Year Old Need Help!!?”

  1. Jrbott says:

    Why not talk with your parole officer or their boss. They must have seen this happen many times. Ask a church to help or even the salvation army, people who help people who are not letter perfect. Jesus was the only one who can claim that…..

  2. pickmefi says:

    fill out the application and hope for the best

  3. Rossco says:

    G’day mate, I feel for ya, (not sure if this applies in your state) if you still attend AA regularly, they can provide assistance for people in your position, it can be a fine line between getting a place suitable for you and your rug rat and having your accommodation close to others in similar situations (which can make it harder to stay on the sober wagon), share housing is also an option but you’d really need to trust the people your living with, check with your local community centers etc as they can also provide leads for you to follow, 41 months is a great achievement mate you should be proud! It seems your really having a dip getting your life back in order, good luck and keep positive

  4. Honey says:

    You wouldn’t want to live in an apartment building that didn’t screen their tenants.
    Show up to view an apartment clean and well-groomed. Fill out the application honestly but add in the information that you have been sober for 41 months and are receiving social assistance. Be prepared for some rejection but keep trying. Many landlords are human too and willing to give someone who is really trying a chance to prove themselves.

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