Men: Would You Tell Your Girl To Shave Her Hair Anus Or Is It Awkward To Say It?

I don’t think she’ll feel comfortable answering this if she get asked by this and she’ll be embarasse and won’t be in bed for the whole month LOL
How about a wrapped gift with brazilian wax voucher and walk away without seeing her opening the gift? She’ll understand or a joke saying something that she might understand i.e hey do female gorilla’s shave their bum?

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12 Responses to “Men: Would You Tell Your Girl To Shave Her Hair Anus Or Is It Awkward To Say It?”

  1. Steve323 says:

    HELL yeah I would!!! LOL

  2. El Nerdo Loco says:

    She does not ask me to shave mine, so I’ll not make the same imposition on her.

  3. Jorge says:

    Say it nothing wrong telling the truth

  4. HUman says:

    wtf? are you sure its a girl? Girls should never have hair there. I think you may have been duped sir

  5. K M T says:

    l think there are more important things to a relationship than whether or not she has a few hairs around her bum hole….so have you, by the way.

  6. sociald says:

    ummm I dont know if i want to ask why you would want her to shave her anus.
    But as far as pubic area… Its an easy issue there. I just offer to shave it for her. which she liked the idea of.

  7. JP says:

    Every situation and every person is different. In general, though, if you’re intimate enough to be poking around near her anus, you’re probably intimate enough to be able to earnestly tell her what you’d like her to change down there.

  8. dm says:

    So why is this question in politics?

  9. Naruto says:

    I would hope she does that already if she’s that hairy! But I have told a chick once to shave down there cuz when I go down I don’t like hair in my face lol We were young and she hadn’t shaved before but yeah i’d assume shaving your anus and vagina would go together. I’d hate to see a clean vagina and a hairy anus lol

  10. Undefeatable Astronaut says:

    I like hair. My wifey has a hairy **** and but her bum isn’t all that hairy. I like armpit hair and leg hair.
    Call me a hippie. Whatever.

  11. obedient rottweiler says:

    i have no girl.
    i live a loveless life.
    i will never marry.
    i will never have kids.

  12. Rebel_Ro says:

    Nah dude… the gift would be insulting… Just make a suggestion. BUT…don’t be a hypocrite either. You should clean up your package as well. It’s only fair… at the same time, it’s more attractive (I think).

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