Messenger Bag: Marc Jacobs Or Coach?

Okay, so I’m looking to purchase a messenger bag for school and work. I’ve settled on two: Marc Jacobs and Coach. They’re both black. I’m a guy, if that helps. I can’t seem to post the link to the messenger bags. The Marc Jacobs is a good 50% off making it reasonably priced while the Coach messenger bag, with the 25% discount is still affordable. I just think Coach is more synonymous with suburban moms. Everyone seems to have Coach bags.
Marc Jacobs or Coach? Which do you personally prefer when buying?

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One Response to “Messenger Bag: Marc Jacobs Or Coach?”

  1. tania says:

    Marc Jacobs! If it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs (people can get confused) the quality won’t be THAT great but if it’s mainline Marc Jacobs then yay!
    coach is for poor

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