meszaros a good deal?

ottawa got meszaros for kuba, picard and 1st round pick next year
is that a good deal

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is that a good deal for ottawa?

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5 Responses to “meszaros a good deal?”

  1. Chicken Man says:

    Meszaros is an overrated player
    Good deal for the sens

  2. Jason(Flames and Metallica fan) says:

    Yes, i think they got the better end, and i think that TB should beware that other teams can still sign him to an offer sheet, but i dont understand why TB did this, cosnidering they were already frontrunners to get him, and it only would have costed them a third rounder

  3. SENSor says:

    Thanks God you spelt his name right…there is some A-hole around here who is very particular about grammar…

    ..and yeah, good riddance to him – he was starting to smell like Yashin…

  4. NB Josh says:

    Depends on how Tampa does this year. If they are really good, which it is looking like they will be, it is a horrible deal because Ottawa will get a lower draft pick. If they are horrible again, it is a great deal.

    I worry a bit because Ottawa lost a great unit in Redden and Meszaros.

    Also Tampa would’ve had to give up a first, second and third round pick. They don’t have that third round pick anymore because they traded it to Pittsburgh for one of their UFAs. So they wouldn’t have been able to sign him to an offer sheet. That’s what I heard on TSN earlier tonight at least.

  5. [.d.e.a.n.] says:

    yes in a way but no at the same time….because this year meszaros wasnt that good but he can bounce back…dont forget hes only 22 years old. and mix that in with the fact that tampa needed a good role model type defenceman…

    but the sens got a good deal aswell but its only depending on how well the sharks do this year because picard and kuba arent as good defencemen as meszaros can be but evry1 can be a good player when they want to be. and as for the draft pick if the sharks dont do so well then the sens got a pretty good deal but even if the sharks do well the fact that they got a second first rounder is a pretty big thing…

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