Minimum fine for dealing drugs?

What’s the minimum fine for dealing drugs in the UK? Hard drugs i.e. heroin and cocaine? I know it’s down to how much they catch you with, so what would the rough estimate of a penalty be if they caught one with 2kg heroin?
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11 Responses to “Minimum fine for dealing drugs?”

  1. eriverpipe says:

    As someone has said, there is no such thing as a minimum fine. The thing is whether you are prosecuted for possession or dealing. The penalty for possessing a class A drug (and both those mentioned ar cat A) is up to 7 years in jail and an UNLIMITED fine (with the drugs also confiscated, obviously). No way would the police let 2 kg go as simple possession though – that would be dealing/ intent to supply, and would raise the stakes to a potential life sentence (along with the unlimited fine and confiscation of the drug). For intent to supply, I know of someone who got done for intent to supply magic mushrooms (Cat A) – on a first offence, with a LOT ofmitigating circumstances, and one of the less offensive Cat A drugs, he still got 3 years.

  2. casa_hiedra says:

    Personally, I would have you executed.

  3. Razzle says:

    A good few years in the nick mate….and youd deserve it…

  4. grumpyoldman says:

    Should be the death penalty.

  5. Dan says:

    A damn good kicking from the police would be sufficient punishment for me before 10 years of slopping out.

  6. wilfred b says:

    you would not get a fine for 2kg but just to put the record straight there is no such thing as a min fine only a max fine.

  7. partylikeapornstar69 says:

    stfu fag u dont have shit ur just a dumbass on a comp thinkin he’s gonna be gangsta if he talks about havin heroin i bet u dont even know what color it is

  8. monkeymanelvis says:

    The minimum fine would be zero penalty. You could, in theory, not be fined at all if the court chose not to. Although a usual fine for 2KG of heroine would bein the region of £2,000 -10,000 and 5-7 year prison sentence. The maximum penalty would be an unlimited fine and life in prison.

  9. vdv_desantnik says:

    probably wont be a fine, probably a jail sentence. For possessing class A drugs with intent to supply one can receive a maximum sentence of life imprisonment

  10. translatorinspain says:

    Whatever sentence they hand down it’s not long enough! My husband was imprisoned when someone hid cocaine on a boat he was delivering, so were 5 other men. It has cost us dearly, not only financially but emotionally and physically. Greedy men – and women – are making money out of you, and you are helping them. You are killing people and peddling misery. I wouldn’t wish on anyone what I went through or my husband suffered at the hands of these avaricious, selfish, egotistical people.

  11. st.abbs says:

    No fine but a minimum of 6 years in prison.

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